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MENA Licensing


MENA Licensing strives to increase brand and IP awareness and valuation for our clients by creating and growing new revenue streams from the new markets in the Middle East North Africa region. We work with you to deliver value in every license product translation, while protecting the intellectual property and the integrity of your brand. 

We believe in providing a creative and entertaining brand experience. 

We know that communication is an important part of any licensing engagement. We make every effort to provide the audience with optimal solutions to fulfill their needs, and to interact and transact in a safe and innovative way. We conduct in-depth market research and analysis to inform strategic planning.


We at MENA Licensing provide customized, comprehensive and strategic approach to brand extension and retail development.

Brand Licensing Consulting

MENA Licensing advises brand owners ,brand consultants and agencies on how to evolve and optimize their brands in the Middle East North Africa region through customized, commercially-viable brand extension strategies.

Whether your organization is active in a rapidly changing sector or applies mainly mature technologies with limited options for innovation. Our approach to creative and sustainable brand management is based on your individual strategy, organization and process landscape

Technology transfer management and implementation Consulting

Our technology transfer consultants specialized in assisting intellectual property owners with all aspects early-stage  commercialization. Our expertise covers the full technology transfer process from assessment, development and funding to licensing and spin-out for individual pieces of IP, as well as assisting with the overall management of IP portfolios.

We  work across a full range of technologies and markets and we focus on projects where we can provide very high added value.

Office Environment
Business Meeting
We work with our clients on all aspects of intellectual property licensing and commercialization of IP portfolios:  

• Analysis of markets and competition in the MENA region

• Intellectual property strategy and business plan development

• Identify and prioritize development opportunities

• Identifying licensing opportunities (both in and out licensing)

• Identification/screening/meeting potential partners

• Development of Business Development and marketing materials

• Representation at partnering meetings and conferences

• Deal valuation

• Intellectual property licensing negotiations

• Management of the due diligence process

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