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Let's form a coalition for a 
better art and culture in MENA

Building a vibrant art ecosystem in MENA

Given all the challenges in the MENA region, building an enabling environment for artists in this region requires a combination of physical support and a shift in cultural mindsets. Importantly, forging networks for resource-sharing will broaden their impact and reach. The MENA region needs a stronger art ecosystem to increase its social utility.

Art is a powerful medium for creators across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to shed light on lived realities in a fast-changing sometimes turbulent region.

Emerging technologies inject innovation in MENA ART  

Technology is an important driver of both democratizing the art industry and exposing artists to new methods.

Social media enables the mass production and consumption of art, which counters elitist and exclusive art institutions. Advances in technology also expand the resources available to artists, particularly those who experiment with unconventional techniques. Digital art is simply more accessible. It can be viewed with a tablet or phone, exposing excluded communities to the art world.

Our mission at MENA ART

• To advocate for support to develop ,grow and sustain art education in communities around the MENA region.

• To encourage art collectors and high-net-worth individuals to acquire more art from the MENA region.

• To drive more museums and art fairs in Europe, North America and South East Asia to host more galleries and artists from the MENA region.

• To prepare the artists in MENA to contribute towards the growth of the creative arts industry.



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