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MENA Care is committed to become the most agile, trusted and value creating partner in the development of healthcare projects in the MENA region and around the world. It aims to optimally meet the needs of its stakeholders by continuously investing in its capabilities, while touching the lives of the communities it serves. MENA Care is specialized in investing, planning and managing innovative healthcare programs and projects. We support our partners to succeed in developing profitable ventures worldwide.  

Our team has strong educational credentials, intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity and commitment to values.


Why FoodTech & AgTech in MENA?

Driven by shifts in eating habits, population growth, climate change, and failing soils, our food and agriculture industry faces many challenges. We are sourcing the solutions for our partners in MENA.

Young Farmer
Food Companies need to “Innovate” to provide localized thematic offerings by making investments in food technologies, equipment and supply chain systems.
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MENA Innovate

To become the premier leader in the design and development of strategic educational and learning pathways that link new ideas, technologies and intellectual properties to investors and marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Our initiatives bring together key stakeholders to tackle challenges and produce sustainable projects that can improve the  innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

MENA Brokers

Our M&A practice is led by experienced senior bankers and respected specialists who have spent their careers developing deep professional relationships and building specific knowledge of buyers, trends and perspectives relevant to our sector-specific areas of focus.

Connecting our clients with insightful opportunities from around the MENA region.


We work with people who are passionate about their business concepts and want to share them with the world, people who are ready to be self-employed but don’t know where to begin, and investors looking to diversify their business portfolios by adopting global successful franchised brands and concepts.

Our global network of brokers and advisors can help you unlock value across the deal lifecycle

MENA Licensing

MENA Licensing advises brand owners and agencies on how to evolve and optimize their brands through customized, commercially-viable brand extension strategies in the Middle East North Africa region.

Our expertise covers the full technology transfer process from assessment, development and funding to licensing and spin-out for individual pieces of IP, as well as assisting with the overall management of IP portfolios.


MENA Global Group

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