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Innovate Minds.
Transform Lives

In 2014 MENA Global Group formed MENA Innovate to help talented entrepreneurs, commercial enterprises and government agencies in the MENA region to build innovative learning and educational programs of significant value that support the economic empowerment movement in those countries. We accomplish this by co-investing, partnering and mentoring those groups in whose entities seek gaudiness and investments. 

Our Vision: To become the premier leader in the design and development of strategic educational and learning pathways that link new ideas , technologies and intellectual properties to investors and marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa region.


MENA INNOVATE Initiatives: 

Our initiatives bring together key stakeholders to tackle challenges and produce sustainable  projects that can improve the  innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the MENA region and to explore how to connect it to the larger global ecosystem.


We developed a Marketplace to showcase best practices, facilitate networking opportunities and highlight success stories. 



1. Inspire the innovators in the MENA region and general public with stories of entrepreneurial and innovative successes across a variety of sectors that have created transformative businesses and technologies with significant long-term impact in their respective fields.


2. Provide a space for MENA entrepreneurs to comingle & share their resources, stories, challenges, and ideas, so as to build bridges of opportunity between these two communities.


3. Highlight the work of Diaspora capacity-building organizations, investors, public sector officials that are interested in facilitating the work of entrepreneurs and to discuss how this work may be done more effectively over the coming years. 


MENA Innovate 

MENA Innovate offers four tiers of services to serve the needs of companies at different stages of growth:


• Global network access
• Business development
• Strategic partnerships
• Representative office
• Market entry
• Technology assessment

Market Entry Strategy:

• Partners due diligence
• Regulatory approvals

Financial and Advisory:

• Introduction to Capital and Funding sources
• Business modeling
• Strategic opportunities

Human Capital Advisory:

• Local talent acquisition and management
• Leadership development
• Cross-cultural management

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