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Defense & Security Innovation Hub

MENA Defence is a platform to stimulate, facilitate and support cooperation on defense innovation among different stakeholders. A place for collaborative and commercialization efforts leading to innovation in defense and security. 

We attract innovative technologies and companies to enhance defense capability and grow the defense industry in the MENA region.

We solve challenges faced by the Armed Forces in MENA by finding resources and expertise to advance research and commercialization.

We bring together the industry, the right partners, the investors, the local and international organizations so that they can learn from each other and ultimately innovate.


Our solutions: 

• Organizing and facilitating interaction between our stakeholders in the MENA region and our partners, vendors and innovators from around the world.

• Helping to establish and solidify relationships
leading to innovation and collaboration.

• Helping defense and security organizations fine tune their requirements and finding reliable partners with reliable solutions.

• Assisting innovators to understand the needs and requirements of the defense and security sectors. 


• Sourcing local and global know how to partners with existing requirements or projects to accelerate innovative solutions.

• Providing multidisciplinary and innovative programs for all stakeholders.

• Assisting clie
nts and partners with Technology Transfer methods, commercialization, distribution and business development.

• Introduce investors to innovative technologies in the defense and security sectors.


MENA Defence 

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